New Roommate, New Etiquette!

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You did it! You and your roommate have found a place and it is perfect for both of you! As you settle in it will become a shared home and you want to be respectful of each other’s space. But what about those shared spaces, like the kitchen? Check out these few tips to help live a peaceful coexistence in this shared space.

  • Clean up after yourself – I know, this one seems painfully obvious but when we get comfortable sometimes that means we start putting things off and have that voice in our head saying “Oh, I’ll just do it later.” Try your best not to listen to this. When you make that meal for yourself remember to tidy up! That means dishes in the dishwasher and grab your sponge to wipe down the counter. Believe me, when you take the extra time to tidy up, you will feel good, and your roommate will appreciate having a clean space to make their meal.
  • Respect Refrigerator Space – A lot of times with roommates you will share things like the milk, eggs, or condiments and that is great! It cuts down on food waste and keeps the refrigerator space from getting too cluttered. But that does not mean you want to share everything. It is important to have a conversation so you both know what’s what. Have leftovers or a certain condiment you do not want others to use? Put your name on it and give your roommate the heads up. Communication is key!
  • Cupboards and Pantries – These are two other spaces that will often be shared in the kitchen. Make it easy and designate a few shelves for each of you. If you are on the more petite side, like me, take the lower shelves and leave the higher shelves to the taller person. This way you both have the space you need for your non-perishables and cookware. If you want to cut down on clutter, ask your roommate if you can share certain cookware.

Having a roommate is great and can be a lot of fun. Take these tips along with you and it will be even better! What is something you have learned from living with a roommate? Let us know in the comments!

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